November 2018  Terra Australis 18: The archaeology of South Sulawesi. Current research on the Pleistocene to the historic period.

February 2018    LOBO Website launched: A meeting point for scholars of Central Sulawesi. See submenu for link.

December 2017  The journal Archipel is now available as free digital subscription. See submenu for link.

November 2017   Reconnaissance visit by Kathy Wellen and Ian Caldwell

25 October 2017  The archaeological journal WALENNAÉ is now online: see RESOURCES on this site.

15 Sept 2016        Orality, writing and history: The literature of the Bugis and Makasar of South Sulawesi.

                             Special Issue of the International Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies edited by Stephen Druce.

12 Sept. 2016       Mandar Survey 3-13 October 2016 led by Horst Liebner, Ridwan Muhammad and Iwan Sumantri.

15 May 2016         Kabaena Reconnaissance Expedition 29 April- 6 May 2016 led by Dr Horst Leibner. 

29 January 2016   ANU Symposium on the archaeology of South Sulawesi. Programme and abstracts.

9 October 2014     Cave paintings from Maros change ideas about the origin of art.

7 August 2014.      Christian Honoré Louis Pelras, 1934–2014. Obituary, Campbell Macknight.

30 March 2014.     Drivers of State Formation in South Sulawesi. Third Southeast Asian Studies Symposium, University of Oxford

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