VKI E-Book Collection, Vols. 1-100

The VKI E-Book Collection, Vols. 1-100 offers the first 100 volumes of the renowned Book Series the "Verhandelingen", or VKI, in open access. 

This list can be accessed and downloaded at:

Works on Sulawesi include:

Banggaisch adatrecht

By: J.J. Dormeier

The Bronze-Iron Age of Indonesia

By: H.R. van Heekeren

De Uma-taal (West Midden-Celebes): Spraakkunstige schets en teksten

By: S.J. Esser

Editor(s): J. Noorduyn

Francisco Vieira de Figueiredo: A Portuguese Merchant-Adventurer in South East Asia, 1624-1667

By: C.R. Boxer

The Heritage of Arung Palakka: A History of South Sulawesi (Celebes) in the Seventeenth Century

By: Leonard Y. Andaya

Sja'ir Perang Mengkasar: The Rhymed Chronicle of the Macassar War

By: Entji’ Amin. Editor: C. Skinner

The Merok Feast of the Sa'dan Toradja

By: H. van der Veen

The Sa'dan Toradja Chant for the Deceased

By: H. van der Veen

The Sa'dan-Toraja: A Study of Their Social Life and Religion. I: Organization, Symbol and Beliefs

By: Hetty Nooy-Palm

The Stone Age of Indonesia

2nd Revised Edition. By: H.R. van Heekeren

The Wolio Language: Outline of Grammatical Description and Texts. 2nd Edition

By: J.C. Anceaux