The OXIS Team

More than forty researchers participated in OXIS. Senior archaeologists who directed field research teams were Ali Fadillah, Bagyo Prasetyo, Gunadi, Iwan Sumantri and Budianto Hakim. Ceramic identifications were assisted by Karaeng Demmanari. Participating archaeologists were Adrian di Lello, Tanwir Tane, Ramli M., Sarjiyanto, Bernadetta, Andi Fatmawati Umar, Albertinus, Haeruddin, Nani Somba, Muhaeminah, Citra Andari, Irfan Mahmud, Akin Duli, Najemain, Joni Mappa, Rustam, Mohammad Tang, Mohammad Basir, Yusriadi and Andi Syafullah. Malcolm Lillie of the Centre for Wetland Archaeology at the University of Hull carried out the coring of the Cenrana Valley and Muhlis Hadrawi of Universitas Hasanuddin assisted with historical research. Advice in the field and during analysis was received from Peter Bellwood, Geoff Hope (project geomorphologist and palynologist), and Doreen Bowdery (project phytoliths expert) (all of the Australian National University). Len Hogan of the University of Queensland Department of Mining, Minerals and Materials Engineering carried out metallurgical analyses. Judith Cameron, Glenn Summerhayes (both of the Australian National University), Ian Glover (Institute of Archaeology, University College London) and John Miksic (National University of Singapore) made other material identifications. 

OXIS was sponsored by Hasan Ambary and Truman Simanjuntak of the Indonesian National Centre for Archaeology, the Indonesian Institute of Sciences and the National Centre for Archaeological Research in Jakarta. 

Funding was provided by the Australian Research Council, the Wenner-Gren Institute for Anthropological Research, the British Academy, the UK-Dutch Joint Scientific Research Programme, the Australian National University and the University of Hull.

Participating institutions were the Australian National University, the University of Hull, Universitas Hasanuddin, the Indonesian National Centre for Archaeological Research and the Makassar (formerly Ujung Pandang) Archaeology Office.