La Padoma Ennaja

Transliterated and translated by Drs Muhammad Salim. 

(a) British Library Add. 12346 [f.26r - f.30r] Maténa I La Padoma

(b) British Library Add. 12346 [f.30r - f.46r] Rilarianna Wé Mangkawani

NBG162 La Padoma Ennaja

NBG163 La Padoma Ennaja

Salim (unidentified) La Padoma Ennaja


Synopsis of Sikki and Sande. 1979. Cerita Lapadoma. Ujung Pandang: Balai Penelitian Bahasa.

La Padoma, the only child of the ruler of Bulu, visits Kau, where he is the guest of the Opu Batara Kau, the son of the ruler of the settlement of that name. Opu Kau's sister, Wé Dénradatu, spies La Padoma from an upstairs window; La Padoma catches her gaze and the two are immediately attracted to each another. Despite his engagement to Wé Mangkawani, a princess of Gattareng, as well as a promise to his host that should he desire his sister, he will propose in the proper manner, La Padoma seduces Wé Dénradatu. Opu Batara Kau discovers La Padoma in his sister’s bedroom: despite Wé Dénradatu’s pleas, La Padoma goes to out to fight him and is killed. The following morning, news of La Padoma’s death is conveyed to his parents; grief-stricken, the men of Bulu march on Kau to recover the body of their dead prince. That evening, La Padoma’s cousin, the Opu Batara Soppéng, arrives in Bulu. La Padoma's body is carried to Bulu Kamenynyang (Kamenynyang mountain) where he is buried. Opu Batara Soppéng calls on the assembled chiefs to join him in an attack on Kau: it is suggested that before attacking Kau, the ruler should be called upon to surrender his daughter, Wé Dénradatu, in order that she may accompany La Padoma in the afterlife. An envoy is sent to Kau, but the ruler refuses to surrender his daughter. Opu Batara Soppéng leads an attack on Kau and inflicts heavy casualties. Horrified by what she believes to be the death of her brother, as well as the general carnage, Wé Dénradatu is overcome by grief. Suddenly the spirit of La Padoma appears to Wé Dénradatu and summons her to join him in the afterlife. Wé Dénradatu falls to the ground lifeless. Discovering the body of his sister, her brother calls a truce, and informs Opu Batara Soppéng of Wé Dénradatu's death. Having seen for himself Wé Dénradatu’s lifeless body, Opu Batara Soppéng leads the attacking army home. 

Bulu is possibly Bulumatanré, a settlement formerly located on the summit of a one-thousand metre high mountain to the south-west of WatasSoppéng. Séwo was located on the tops of two ridges along the trail leading from WatasSoppéng to Bulumatanré, Kawu (unidentified) is linked in the poem with Tonra in south Bone.